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Create your first

Go To Market Strategy

The Sales Accelerator System

Go-Live with your first multichannel acquisition strategy and penetrate your target market, step by step in just 2 hours!


You're wasting so much time and feeling so frustrated?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs avoid selling.
But this is a critical error.
Because of this, they never took the time to learn the mechanics and true art of selling.
Until the time comes in every person’s career when they must learn the skill of selling.
Sometimes they try to avoid this problem by hiring salespeople. 
But often, that doesn’t work. 
Even professional salespeople usually only learn a few basics about their craft.
They typically learn a few fundamental skills and they keep repeating it (together with the mistakes).

That's why I have created The Sales Accelerator System, to help with your first Go To Market Strategy step by step.

So if You are a new founder a brand new CEO or a sales manager just hired.

If You have so many activities to take care and sales is not really your best choice.

If You are spending WAY too much time trying to figure how to create a professional multichannel acquisition strategy without wasting anymore money and time

You are in the right place


What they say

Brand new Founders, CEO even Senior Sales Manager and of course solopreneurs spend countless hours thinking how to create an efficient Lead Management process to increase the sales pipeline.

Obsessed to find the right sales strategy to generate leads while saving time and money. 


You have probably tried several software, tools, consulting agencies.


Again and again!

I know the way you feel. I have experienced it before you. I have been there.

That is why after being an SDR, a Sales Manager a CEO and now a Strategic Advisor I have decided to share some of the processes and lessons that worked with me and with my clients. 

Thanks to the Sales Accelerator System you will be able to build a quality network, diversify your acquisition channels and create a structured and professional sales flow that will increase the conversion and help you scale your sales and your company. 

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Who is this for


The course is designed for businesses in any industry looking to better understand how to improve strategies for growth.

The content is very straightforward and together with the tactical action plan will help you creating and improving your business growth.


With the Sales accelerator system you will be able to create a professional sales funnel, satisfy your market needs, start generating a constant flow of leads and finally use your full online potential.  You will learn how to replicate the approach to create a professional sales strategy with a fully automated sales team in 3 days. 


You will benefit from a natural increase of your network's quality, your visibility and as a consequence your traction. 


  • Lifetime access to 18 video lessons

  • 3 tactical action Plan

  • 1 Resource file


  • Go Live with 4+ different acquisition channels

  • Create your Lead Management process and your own CRM

  • Create your fully automated sales team in 3 days

  • Boost the number of demos/meetings

  • Increase your Revenue

  • Scale your company

Hook 1

The problem?

Your Benefits

You will learn with a very useful technique to create your Strategy by visualizing your Target and how to track yourself to the final GOAL

All starts by identifying what your target really is:

  • Learn how to define and find your target

  • Create a professional Lead Management process and CRM

visualize my target ENG snap.png

Now that the final target is finally clear, we work on a system that will allow you to make the best of your social media presence

Use your social media profile to create countless opportunities

  • Get the best exposition for You and Your company

  • Maximize your social media selling

  • Learn how to create a multichannel acquisition campaign

business card ENG.png

Once we have the fundaments in place we can start go-live with your Go To Market Strategy step by step

Your first GTM Strategy in few steps:

  • Maximize your inbound and outbound strategy  

  • Tools & targets

  • Create a meaningful content package


You will never get lost again thanks to the tactical action plans at the end of each module

  • follow the 3 step by step Action Plans and the check list

  • align your organization

  • launch your fully automated sales team in 3 days

The cours


Part 01. Getting started

  • Quick Intro 

    • Approach & Expectations

    • How the course works 

    • Topics

  • The right combination

Part 02. The numbers that matter

  • Turn on the light: define your target

  • Visualize and create a model that work: basic + advanced model 

  • Resource file Video

Part 03. Let's start & Scale

  • Learn the exact actions to make your best online business card ever

  • Acquisition channel 1: You

  • Acquisition channel 2+: Your company

  • Find out how to make the most of a competitive advantage 

  • Resource file Video 

Part 04. A Go To Market Strategy

  • Quick Overview

  • Sales Automation (Why?)

  • Strategy for Inbound: Engage with your network: create an army of brand ambassadors

  • Strategy for Outbound: 

# Channel 3: create a quality network in a short time

# Channel 4: work on your network​

  • Resource file Video

Part 05. The check list

  • The final Check List

  • Bonus Sales Session


Some of the Partners I work with



  • What is this course for?
    This course is designed for Founders, Sales Person and in general for solopreneurs. Either you want to sell your company's services, looking for partners, resellers or just promote yourself YOU need to know your numbers and have a step by step process to automate the whole process. Everyone that use the personal social profile to sell.
  • Why should I use it?
    To create your first multichannel acquisition strategy. To increase your traction you need to generate more quality leads in less time. That is why you need to improve the social media positioning and understand how to automate the sales process using online channels.
  • Why The Sales Accelerator System is the right course for me?
    I have been in the sales business for the last 13+ years and I have been a founder myself. I know what it means to be without a solid sales process that backs me. This course is the result of the experience gained as SDR, Sales Manager, CEO, Business Angel and Mentor.
  • What will I learn from this course?
    To visualize your target audience and to create a sales strategy that continuously work for you with the minimum effort. You will get 3 detailed action plans and a final check list that will help you to set up your fully automated team in 3 days.
  • Can I outsource this process?
    Yes. You can outsource the whole process at anytime. You can get a "A tailor made Sales Accelerated System" from here: https://www.my-3e.com/work-with-me The first step is to purchase the outsourced solution and set an initial session with me to go through the necessary steps. Please bear in mind that we accept a fixed number of requests per month in order to deliver a more quality than quantity service.
  • Can I get extra support?
    Of course you can. You can reach out to us anytime. You can get enrolled in one of my Strategic Advisory sessions. Read more here: https://www.my-3e.com/work-with-me
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